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  1. Best place in the world Ocean City Maryland I’m 65 and I’ve been going to Ocean City since I was 12 years old since 2000 when I bought two week timeshare at the Bay club with 32nd and 33rd Street Ocean City I spend them two weeks there plus I usually go down memorial day or one of the first three weeks in June so I spend at least 3 weeks down there I’m from Pittsburgh PA in June of 2001 my wife and I it was our second marriage got married on the beach at 33rd Street my grandson’s been coming with us since 2011 He’s now 10 years old going on 11 he just loves it there too we have well my wife has a 37-year-old handicap son is why we take the June vacation cuz we stay at the Holiday inn at 17th Street as we need a accessible roll-in shower for him we’ve been staying there since around 2009 stated a few other places on the boardwalk with accessible rolling showers with the Holiday inn is the best there’s quite a few good restaurants waterman’s West Ocean City coins 28th Street breakfast and lunch Sahara 19th Street and Baltimore and there’s a few up in Delaware that is real good too I usually eat dinner out everyday I don’t eat lunch I may make a breakfast in my condo or in the kitchen at the Holiday inn but I usually eat breakfast out most of the time also take a trip there I don’t care if you’re 2 years old or 90 years old you will find something to do and there’s quite a few places that are pet friendly actually there’s a handful or more right on the boardwalk

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