Forklift Wrecker

As seen at SEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas, the Forklift Wrecker makes it easy for you to move cars with your forklift. All while reducing damage, saving time, and helping reduce risk of injury (vs doing it the hard way). Check it out at

Vermeer LS3600TX Low Speed Shredder

The single-shaft LS3600TX is the first low speed shredder from Vermeer, featuring exclusive innovations that efficiently process contaminated waste streams and help protect critical machine components. Unparalleled access to the rotor, comb and engine compartment addresses long-time industry maintenance issues.


The City of Moorhead (MN) saw a huge impact when purchasing recycling bins from Sourcewell. To find out more about cooperative purchasing, go to…

TrafFix Devices Inc.

TrafFix Devices, Inc. is a 38 year old manufacturer of traffic control devices and crash attenuation products. We manufacture all of our own products and take tremendous pride in their engineering and technical performance.

Landmark’s Sustainable Waste & Recycling Bins for Municipal Use

Waste and recycling bins from Landmark Studio & Design are sustainably made using GreenCircle-certified HDPE recycled materials. Tell your Landmark account manager you saw this ad in Municipal Magazine. For more information, visit


Heavy-Duty Portable Column Lifts by BendPak BendPak portable column lifts are easy to roll out of storage and use on virtually any vehicle. Dual speed settings and low-pressure, direct-drive hydraulics put safety first and keep the operator in total control. No fussing over wireless functionality or tricky operating procedures. Sold in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8, BendPak’s versatile mobile columns conform to any semi, construction or other heavy-duty vehicle to be the only truly mobile column car lift your shop will ever need. For more information, visit

2015 Freightliner SD114 10 Wheeler Vacuum Sewer Truck

Jetter Cummins power automatic, a/c, rust-free, 34,000 miles,  w/Aquatech vacuum equipment, recent updates, 2013 INT 7400 w/Camel equipment & jetter.

Call For More Details – 978-462-1000