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Aries Linden Biosolids Gasification Facility Reaches Financial Close — 1 Comment

  1. as of march 4, 2021, the Linden NJ plant construction is being taken over by the Union County Improvement Authority. This UCIA is known for many failures and costly boondoggles from other public projects they have done such as the Family Courthouse constructino stopped for over a year and $7 mill change order at the end; Froehlich building with its major leak issues, the County bldg stair tower fiasco, was around $7-12 million but costing $24 million to date, and the present new plans for the county admin building which is not even shovel ready and lawsuits and state investigation is on going with the bidding structure. From watching this county for the last 15 years, Aries, a good cause but hitching yourself to the UCIA and relinquishing control, you are in for one bummpy ride with lots of headaches, waste and hidden failures. Please stay on top of all this.

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