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  1. I am the crossing guard for the town of Avon. I am currently bringing a shovel to work after snowstorms (as I did on Thursday February 28th). The cross-walk on the school side of the street is never plowed and the somewhere near 40 students that come up from the library parking lot have to jump over large snowbanks. I myself have to climb over the snowbank to stop traffic, hence my need to bring a shovel. Please decide whose responsibility it is to remove this snowbank. I have called and tried to bring this problem to your attention before and nothing has been done. I called on Thursday morning – nobody answered so I left a message explaining the problem. When I arrived for work that afternoon the snow still hadn’t been cleaned up.
    I hope this brief note will bring some action, if not I will check with the Chief and see if he can solve this problem. Than you Ray Richard

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