IACP in Philadelphia

Standing in line to taze an alien wasn’t the only order of business at the International Association of Chiefs of Police 2013 conference, but it was certainly among the enjoyable moments at this year’s annual event.

Law enforcement administrators joined the rank and file, along with a welcome throng of retirees, Oct. 19–23 for educational sessions and to tour the technology exposition. In addition to dozens of presentations, receptions and demonstrations, several recognitions and installations also took place as part of the conference.

Inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center the approximately 14,000 delegates and their guests could review the extensively redesigned iacp website that was about to launch. A plenary session discussed response options to false alarms, and The Municipal Account Executives Ashley Adamaitis, Christi Sausaman and Matt Dudlak joined the crowd on a nearby sidewalk near the venue to watch an impressive demonstration performed by the Philadelphia motorcycle drill team.

Many of the discussions centered around applicable software developments and video camera technology: two promising tools whose utility is being explored by departments across the country.

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