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Unique claims to fame: Monhegan Island, Maine — 3 Comments

  1. I’m a Mainer and finally made it to Monhegan Island several summers ago. I purchased a mug for a souvenir at the one island store. I didn’t notice that on the bottom it read, “Made in China” until after I got back home. Otherwise, the place is phenomenally beautiful.

  2. We are a 3 generation visiting family on Monhegan. Island. We have stayed at the Inn and in a wonderful house with no electricity with our grand children. This wonderful place is full of unforgettable memories for us. My dream is to come and stay for the summer, watch the sun rise and set every day we are there. We hope to be able to come this summer for an overnight stay. Monhegan Island fan.

  3. Could you tell me the name of an older woman that lived there. Alter was her name. She published a small booklet with poems. She had family that lived in Concord,Mass. Liz Gardner. I’ve been trying to think of her last name and can’t. She might of been the doctor there at one time. But maybe not. Any help with this mist appreciated. Somewhere in some of my belongs I have the booklet. But can’t find. Thank you

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