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A small college town, Stevens Point, Wis., has a lot to offer — 4 Comments

  1. Stevens Point is the home base of Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners, a premier nonprofit providing humanitarian support to Nicaragua for over 50 years. WNP annually ships huge amounts of humanitarian goods to Nicaragua that supplies 70+ learning centers and equips volunteer fire fighters with vehicles and emergency service gear. WNP shipments possibly represent the largest nonprofit humanitarian service in Wisconsin. In 2017 WNP shipped 9 containers (9 semi-trailer loads) and 10 emergency service vehicles that included 8 ambulances and 2 fire trucks. In addition, WNP sponsors numerous tours and study groups that travel to Nicaragua each year. WNP and its supportive volunteers are proud to call Stevens Point and Portage County home.

  2. You missed one of the best things in Stevens Point. The Riverfront Arts Center is a gem of a gallery that exhibits art work of local artists, and run by volunteers in the community. There are many opportunities during the year to exhibit and there is a holiday fine art gift gallery with unique handmade gifts to choose from. Near Easter, there is a very popular PEEPs exhibit. Every year the members of the community try to top each other with the best pun inspired PEEPs art work!

  3. I hear you have a nice municipal airport, Mattson Field, named after Wisconsin’s first Ace, Lt Col Conrad E. Mattson. Signed, Jill Mattson Reichman

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