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Historic bridge reuse in the Heartland — 2 Comments

  1. Good Evening We’re reaching out to find resource help for our Village. We thank you for your time.

    The Village of Iatan is a historic village just north of Weston, Mo. We are currently working to bring this historic site back from the brink of extinction. There are multiple issues that need attention to include the Iatan bridge (Built around 1897) that provides access across Mission creek, restoration and recognition of the Iatan cemetery, the town hall is literally falling apart and finally the gravel roads are in disrepair.
    The Iatan bridge #0160001 (Built around 1897) is the only access for the homes on the South side of Mission Creek. At this point emergency vehicles have no way to get to these homes. In the event that fire or other emergency services are required the fire trucks have had to park near 45 highway and personnel have had to walk to the residence where the elderly people were living. An additional issue here is that the children must cross the unsafe bridge in order to get to the bus stop. As the bridge continues to deteriorate the risk to the children grows. The only options for the children are to walk down 45 HWY (60 mph) to get to the bus or cross the bridge.
    The Iatan cemetery is purported to be one of the oldest cemeteries in Platte County. Verified grave markers as old as 1832 (Ida A. Searcy). We’re looking to get this cemetery maintained and possibly registered as a historical cemetery.
    The Iatan Town hall is currently a 13’ x 52’ trailer home that is in serious dis-repair. The roof is leaking due to a tree branch falling on it. This is causing the roof to leak, and the structure is beginning to feel unsafe. We’re looking to get this either repaired or replaced.
    The roads of Iatan are all gravel with potholes and Mudd due to improper drainage. We’re looking to get these repaired.

    Village of Iatan:
    Charter obtained in 1842.
    1832 Bridge: Built around 1897
    Cemetery: oldest in Platte County? Grave markers as old as. Joseph Roach – 1866, Elizabeth Rose 1866, Ida A. Searcy

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