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Turning manhole covers into art — 3 Comments

  1. I love the article. I was wondering with whom do I speak to about submitting a design of my own for a manhole here in Florida. Especially Miami Beach. Thank you in advance.

  2. Dear Cecilia,
    I also posted your comment on my blog. http://bobbimastrangelo.com/MyNews/?p=4662

    To submit your manhole cover design, call the various Miami government agencies that deal with Public Works. Ask to be directed to the Department dealing with manhole covers.

    Through Google, I learned about the Artist Garren Owens who designed an Art Deco Cover for the City of Miami. http://www.miamibeachfl.gov/tcd/aipp/scroll.aspx?id=28250

    Good luck and “Grate Wishes!”
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

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