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Food Fight! Cities look at tasteful solution to the food truck trend — 1 Comment

  1. Stipulations such as not allowing a Food Truck to set up within 250 ft. of a brick and mortar (B&M) establishment is ludicrous seeing as how another B&M establishment can be built directly adjacent to the current standing one, even close enough to share walls. It’s just silly. In my honest opinion, it comes down to jealousy and greed. Food Trucks provide an avenue for people with less disposable income to still enjoy really good food without having to pay inflated prices the overhead of a B&M establishment forces one to charge. Being frozen out of downtown as well as the uninviting iron curtain surrounding UT makes it very discouraging to someone such as myself who is eager to jump into this business. Knoxville has the potential to become the next Austin with great culture, music, food, festivals, etc. if it would just learn that all of us can coexist in a synergistic atmosphere. Austin has a thriving food truck culture and independent B&M scene. The two cultures have actually helped to bolster each others’ businesses, not hinder it. There’s enough of the pie here to share, now if people would just warm up to that idea…

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