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  1. Ban Would Increase Dependency on Foreign Oil !!
    PAH’s = 2 oz of Dandruff Shampoo same as 1 acre of Asphalt Sealcoat!!
    This is the Pollution Scare that You want to Ban an American Mfg Product Over???

    USGS Texas Hydrologist=Salary – 2009
    Van Meter, Peter – $114,016
    Mahler, Barbara -$91,123
    Wilson, Jennifer -$65,810

    Total Annual Salaries – $270,949.00 + (Salaries are from 2009, Benefits not listed) to advocate & ban an American Mfg Product in lieu of a Product that keeps us Dependent on Foreign Oil, that doesn‘t work as well, & corresponds to the Equivalent of 2 oz of Dandruff Shampoo.

    But of Course, Texas’s main income is Oil Refining – not surprising to see a Geological Agency promote Oil/Asphalt based products to justify $270,949.00 Every Year on Hydrologists, Knowingly violating it’s own Quality Guidelines
    (3) Impartiality and Non-advocacy. http://www.usgs.gov/usgs-manual/500/502-4.html

    PS – BTW-The Ban didn’t Work in Austin!
    The Math was Bad from the Very 1st Equation.
    Bad Math always equals Very Bad Science!!!!!

    • Dear “RU4 democracy”:
      (Yes, I am 4 democracy!) You toss out a lot of figures but don’t give any sources for your claims. Can you provide a link to some verifiable source for the claim that 1 acre of sealant has only the PAH content of 2 oz. of tar-based shampoo? (If so, does this prove the shampoo is harmless, or could both bear some risk?)
      What I see is a lot of scientists confirming that PAHs are carcinogens, and we are exposing children to a lot of PAHs from dust tracked in from coal-tar sealed pavement. That’s what the science shows. This link sums up the evidence and links to four recent peer-reviewed studies:

      • What a bunch of crappola! Typical liberal lies of BS! The environazis will NEVER stop people until every traditional American product, value, and way of life is ended using the biggest lies of pollution, safety and health. This is a push to control the populace and steal your money by forcing you to pay more for other products. The leftists and EPA get kickbacks to destroy one sector or company and pump a new one. Take back America! Punch a liberal in the face by voting for Conservatives in every local, State, and Federal election!

  2. Independent – (adj) – Bing Dictionary
    1.not controlled by another: in politics, free from the authority, control, or domination of somebody or something else, especially not controlled by another state or organization and able to self-govern
    2.able to function by self: able to operate alone because not dependent on somebody or something else
    3.self-supporting: not forced to rely on another for money or support

    The following is “Independent” –
    Valle, S., Panero, M., Shor, L., Pollution Prevention And Management Strategies For Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons In The New York/New Jersey Harbor. New York Academy of Science, September 2007.

    “Today, a general consensus of literature reports two major national and global sources of PAHs in the environment: 1) incomplete combustion of organic matter, especially common, nonpoint activities that utilize modern emissions controls (e.g., cars) or less common activities with no emissions control (e.g., tire fires); and
    2) releases of petroleum, including oil spills and illegal dumping. Major sources include forest fires, motor vehicle emissions, open burning, domestic fireplaces, and spills and dumping of petroleum products. (page 47)

    “Our estimates indicate that transportation-related activity (i.e., on-road and off-road engine exhaust, tire wear, and motor oil disposal and leakage) is the source category contributing most greatly to total loadings of PAHs”. (page 27)

    Study determined that refined tar based sealer to be a minor source of PAHs to the NY/NJ harbor watershed (less than 1% total contribution). (pages 21 & 26)

    NYAS reconsidered and dropped PAH loading estimate recommended by COA.

    NYAS rejected COA photographic sealer wear-off estimation.

    NYAS saw flawed conceptual study design and flawed statistical analysis (errors in calculations) in the COA studies.

  3. Funny how all these so-called dangerous products caused no harm to anyone of the WWII generation. They live today into their 90’s and 100’s. They used mercury, lead, freon, tar, etc. This scheme of environazis and the EPA is all for bogus purposes. It is all BS to give lawyers work and government control. Fight the EPA, demand TORT reform and vote Conservative in every local, State, and Federal election onward!
    Think about it! If they really were concerned with the environment, safety, and health? They would secure the borders, stop all illegal drugs immediately, and teach children to go to church. Simple as that!

  4. DUDE, 2 oz of shampoo = 1 acre of coal tar sealer. You can’t really believe that. I mean that is really ridiculous, and is absolutely false. No intelligent person could possibly believe some figure you pulled out of your…uhh.. hat.

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