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  1. To whom it may concern: This is now the 2nd traffic citation I have received after passing thru your city. The 1st was for going 57 in a 45. The last was for 57 in a 45. After the 1st one I thought maybe but doubted it. When I received this last one I said absolutely –NO. I never go that fast and I remain very diligent while behind the wheel. It is a weird coincidence that both citations are for 57 in a 45. I am 66 years old and cannot remember when I got my last ticket. I sincerely believe that your camera system is not accurate. I know that people can be mistaken as I thought I possibly had after receiving the 1st citation. But now I am convinced that the mistake is on your part concerning the camera system’s accuracy. Please check for the accuracy as I wait for your reply. Sincerely David Davis

  2. I too received a speeding ticket from the camera for 57 in a 45 mph zone in Selmer. I was very surprised when I received the notice in the mail,as was the rest of my family who was traveling with me at the time. I am trained on the way radar operates and I qquestioned the accuracy due to the fact that there are other vehicles in the photos of my vehicle and without an officer monitoring the traffic how can it be determined that my vehicle was the appropriate target? Unfortunately, I have not been able to log onto the website provided to watch the video or pay the fine. I am from out of town therefore it is not feasible for me to take off work and drive back to Selmer to dispute the ticket. I also feel that IF I was guilty of the violation I was not made aware of it until 2 weeks later, Therefore I likely continued speedino,unknowingly, through town. In my personal opinion it seems to be more about revenue than safety.

  3. I Received a citation from a camera in Selmer Tn. I assume since it is photo enforced I should be able to access that info. Please direct me to the correct website so I can decide what I need to do.

  4. My driver also received a speeding ticket for 57 in a 45. Seems odd that all of the tickets above are the same over the limit speed.

  5. I received a ticket in mail today, I am old and do not think I was speeding.Have not got a ticket in years. They say I was going 57 in a 45 zone. What a gimmick.

  6. I received a ticket for running the redlight. I was aware when this happened because the light had just turned yellow as I entered the intersection. It then turned red just a second later and the camera lights snapped. This is simply too fast. The yellow light need to last long enough for someone to get through the intersection. Unfortunately I have to pass through this stupid town regularly, so when I approach this light, I basically just slow to a near stop even when it is green. I believe this could be just as dangerous as people running red lights.

    • I agree. The yellow or caution light time doesn’t allow the driver to stop safely. The light immediately turns red as you proceed, even if you are following the speed limit.
      Selmer is my hometown and these carnival game type rigged red lights are a terrible reflection of the community

  7. Don’t pay it, this is a small town racket. You have the right to face your accuser and this will not hold up in court.

  8. Wow… Got paper today about going 57 in a 45 I won’t how many people got this same BS!! The ticket isn’t much but it’s the principle of the matter. Also was traveling with a group of and with the picture they have we can’t even identify who was driving. Has anyone above not payed the ticket? I see how they can really enforce this.

    • It’s funny how all of these cities claim these red light cameras are all about safety and not money but don’t do something that makes more sense twards safety that I have seen at intersections that had a lot of wrecks with red lights is a warning light indicating that it is about to change and gives you plenty of time to stop but I suppose that’s not in the budget considering that would probably cut the revenue that they get from them.

      • Yes this scam really works. Works in the way that I will never drive to or through your town again. 56 in a 45 here. I am very careful to obey traffic laws and at 42 years old I have only had one other ticket 20 years ago. I could never believe I was speeding through your town, especially that fast. The photo looks as though I’m sitting at the light. But good luck with your town’s ripoff scheme. Good luck and good riddance.

  9. I got a ticket in the mail yesterday. I’ve never had a ticket for running a red light. Like someone else said the yellow seems to change almost immediately to red once your in the intersection. It’s a scam that everyone was doing 57 in a 45! My ticket says 54 in a 45. There’s no way everyone flys thru redslights at over 50. We all know that light may turn yellow and we slow down way before. This is a joke!

  10. DON’T PAY THE CITATIONS; THEY ARE ISSUED AND MAILED BY THE CAMERA COMPANY AND NOT LEGAL. The city cannot get your license suspended if you don’t pay, cannot impact your credit or your insurance either. When they hound you to pay, just write back to the collection agency that it is not a legal debt and you dispute it.

  11. i just received a 57 in 45. i am 50 years old. I received my one and only ticket 23 years ago and yes i was speeding at that age. I can not believe what i am reading. I live in Cincinnati and there are 2 municipal towns in my area that have been ordered to take down the cameras and refund everyone. It has been my been my personal thoughts through hearing all the media on the cases “well people don’t speed” and now I am a victim of this. I obey the law and drive safely and I am very disturbed by all I am reading. I kept second guessing myself until i read these posts. But now i know i did as i always do. i was hit once years ago but a young person speeding in our neighborhood and it hurt me for the rest of my life. i abide by speed laws. they are set for allowable speed for reaction and slow down time in case a vehicle, child or object where to appear in from of you. I ABIDE BY THE LAW….this really angers me.

  12. Welcome to the mayor of Somers Private Bank you drive by we take your money. The cameras are timed wrong and are not calibrated on a regular basis they are unlawful and improperly placed pursuant to Andy Holt Tennessee state representative don’t pay your ticket.

  13. A little research turns up the fact that the Redflex camera company officials have been prosecuted in Federal Courts in Chicago and in Ohio for bribery, by paying city officials to approve their camera money making schemes. It was also brought out that the yellow light intervals are shortened to catch more suckers who will pay these phony “tickets” issued by the camera company and “signed” by a local cop. Two company officials actually went to prison for raking huge sums of money out of the schemes, as well as for the bribery. The city of Chicago made more than $600 million from their traffic cameras in the year of the prosecution (2015.) In my opinion any city officials involved in these ripoff schemes should also go to prison, including those of Selmer TN, particularly the Mayor and the police officer who gives his approval to the use of his identity by the Redflex ripoff artists.

  14. I am extremely upset by this. I was definitely not going 65 in a 50. Even watched the video and saw that the 18 wheeler next to me was going faster than I was. I also saw the signs which said they were photo enforcing speed limit. Try to call the police department and they tell me I have to call photonotice. I call them and they tell me if I do not pay it, they will raise what I owe them from $50 to $150 and send it to a collections agency. I really doubt that this is constitutional. It even says on the ticket that regardless of who was driving since I own the vehicle I have to pay the fine.
    Police are brutal in America. They shoot to kill. They also take hard working Americans money to benefit themselves.


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