Volunteers in the municipal sector

Volunteers with the Healthy Dublin initiative of Dublin, Ohio, pause before a community event. (Photo provided)

Local governments benefit in a number of ways when they make volunteering a part of their culture. Citizens provide a variety of important services that range from administrative support to emergency response to community beautification. When citizens take ownership in … Continue reading

Keeping up with the Jones’ Bringing big-city technology to small-town USA

After years of postponing technology upgrades because of the cost, Waxhaw, N.C., bit the bullet and installed, among other things, a virtual police training program and digital cameras that upload automatically.

If you live in a community where the local grapevine outpaces the information superhighway, then take heart. You are not alone. While small municipalities across the nation struggle to offer their residents Matrix-level technology on a Pawnee budget, some have … Continue reading