Credit Policy

New accounts are asked to pay in advance. Credit extended to accounts only with reliable references. Statements must be paid within 30 days of billing date. A service charge of 1-1 1/2% per month will be applied to unpaid balances of 60 days or more, representing an annual percentage rate of 18%.

Advertising Position

Position is not guaranteed, although we will make every effort to meet requests. When an advertisement appears on a certain page or location, no guarantee is given that such a position will continue for additional insertions. The advertiser will not be notified prior to publication if we find it necessary to run ad elsewhere.

Conditions Governing Advertising

Advertiser and/or advertising agent assumes all liability for advertisement published (including illustrations, text, claims, etc.) and agrees to assume and and all responsibility for claims occurring therefrom against The Municipal. The Municipal reserves the right to refuse or cancel and advertising that is considered offensive, misleading or detrimental to the public, the magazine or another advertiser and to edit advertising at its discretion.


Display advertisements set up but canceled prior to first insertion will be charged one third (1/3) the cost of the ad. The cancellation deadline is the same as the advertising deadline.

Tear Sheets

All of our publications are now available on our website in page form: Simply pull up the appropriate publication, locate the page containing your ad and print it out in your office at your convenience. Proof of publication along withe the entire publication is at your fingertips.

Errors in Advertising

In the event of error, The Municipal will be responsible for the first insertion only. Errors which are not the fault of the advertiser will be rectified by republishing without charge that part of the advertisement which was in error. Claims for errors in advertisements allowed for first insertion only, and all claims must be made within 30 days. The Municipal shall be under no liability by reason of omissions of any advertisement ordered for publication.

Commissionable Rate

Approved agency discounts (15% maximum) allowed on open rate only. Other rates shown are net.