Download: Municipal Rate Card – Effective June 2015


Ad Sizes Ad Dimensions
Back Cover Size 7.875″w x 10.375″h
Inside Front Cover 7.875″w x 10.375″h
Inside Back Cover 7.875″w x 10.375″h
Two Page Spread 16.25″w x 10.125″h
Full Page 7.875″w x 10.125″h
1/2 Page Horizontal 7.875″w x 4.937″h
1/2 Page Vertical 3.812″w x 10.125″h
1/4 Page Horizontal 7.875″w x 2.375″h
1/4 Page Vertical 3.812″w x 4.937″h
1/6 Page Vertical 3.8125″w x 3.3125″h

All of the above ads are 4-color advertising (CMYK).