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Winona, Minn. — Contractors Crane Company, a Texas-based authorized dealer of Badger Equipment Company cranes, took delivery of the industry’s newest 15-ton rough-terrain crane in early January.

The Badger CD4415 was introduced to the market in October, and Contractors Crane was among the first to place orders for the new cab-down unit. At just over 11 feet tall, the low-profile crane was designed with input from operators in the oil and gas industry who need to confidently perform pick-and-carry jobs in very tight spaces.

Badger Equipment Company General Manager Ed Samera said the CD4415 offers features in high demand by dealers in today’s marketplace. “The crane features four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, multiple boom configurations, highly visible, ergonomically engineered two-door cab with joystick controls, and integrated safety features, such as steps and handrails.”

Contractors Crane initially ordered three of the new 15-ton cranes and expects to place additional orders once the company begins to demonstrate the CD4415 for its customers. “Ours is a ‘kick the tires’ customer base,” said Daniels. “They need to see it and touch it before making a purchase. But because Badger gave us such personalized attention during the design of this unit, and the CD4415 is meeting all of our expectations, we should do very well with this crane.”

Washington, D.C. — The dimming of signal indications of flashing beacons during daytime is not acceptable, the U.S. Department of Transportation said in January.

In a letter to Electronics Corporation, Mark Kehrli responded to a request for interpretation of the rule.

Kehrli stated, in part: “Neither Paragraph 13 of Section 4D.06 nor Paragraph 6 of Section 4L.01 extend that recommendation or option to daytime conditions when the full brightness of a signal indication is needed. Paragraph 10 of Section 4D.06 recommends that the intensity of traffic control signal and flashing beacon (see Paragraph 2 of Section 4L.01) signal indications comply with the provisions of two publications from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) entitled “Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads” and “Traffic Signal Lamps.” Because there are not options in the MUTCD to dim signal indications during daytime conditions, the provisions of these two ITE publications should be met during the daytime.”

“Thus, while nighttime dimming can be a reasonable approach if the flashing beacon signal indications are so bright that they cause excessive glare during nighttime conditions, it is not acceptable to dim the signal indications of flashing beacons (or traffic control signals) during daytime conditions.”

Atlanta, Ga. — Masterack, a division of Leggett and Platt Commercial Vehicle Products, in continued pursuit of cutting-edge technologies, will reveal SmartSpace, an all-new cargo management system targeted to create a revolutionary change in cargo storage that satisfies the rapidly-changing needs of the industry.

“We realize that the vehicle industry is changing now more than ever, and that we are in a position to provide solutions that help our customers capitalize on those changes and produce additional efficiencies and cost savings for them,” said Ross Haith, president, Masterack and FECAP Divisions for Leggett and Platt CVP.

Masterack will have SmartSpace on display at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, March 6-8, in booth No. 1421. For more information on their participation in this event, visit www.themunicipal.com/2013/02/leggett-platt-cvpwill-be-holding-a-media-event.

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